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About Curious Pieces

I’m Simon, the owner of Curious Pieces. I’ve been involved with magic since I was a child (I’m 50+ now) and I love creating bizarre and storytelling pieces of magic apparatus. Curious Pieces is a labour of love and I doubt it’ll ever be the sort of shop where you can buy tons of apparatus. In fact most of what I make is a one-off although there may be one or two pieces where I have created a few versions. That means you are almost guaranteed to have something your audience hasn’t seen before. I use a lot of vintage stuff and antiques to create my apparatus and many of the electronic pieces I sell, incorporate apparatus from other creators. I don’t sell anything that isn’t in stock so there wont be long delays before your oder gets shipped. I do operate from Cape Town at the tip of Africa so shipping can take a while depending on whether you choose regular mail or courier. Everything is expensive to post from here so most of the shipping is heavily subsidised by me.


Featured Item

The Oracle Divination Table

Solid wood table decorated with the Hydesville Tarot. Can be used in divination and bizarre magic effects. Fully remote, giving the performer the ability to control the wooden indicator hand and to stop a sand timer Everything is included.

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A Curious Blog

The Cape Key

“The key”, I explained, “was hidden in that old book box to keep it away from those unfamiliar with the paranormal – you know, the spirit world! Meddling in that can be quite hazardous to one’s health

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An encounter with the Crone’s Claw

In 2004 I released my first few props on eBay. I’d been performing with two of my own props that used grouse claw kilt pins. I just loved the way they looked and felt. Creepy without further explanation. The Crone’s Claws were produced in fairly limited numbers

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A fall from grace

I’ve been a recovering addict for 20 years. I cleaned up on the 4th June 2001 after being in progressive and active addiction for 15 years.

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