An encounter with the Crone’s Claw

In 2004 I released my first few props on eBay. I’d been performing with two of my own props that used grouse claw kilt pins. I just loved the way they looked and felt. Creepy without further explanation. The Crone’s Claws were produced in fairly limited numbers (about 30 if I remember correctly). No two were exactly alike which made them good collectors pieces. The script was created for dinner party performances (which is still where I do most of my own storytelling).“What’s that up on the top shelf?” asked one of the dinner guests after the last few scraps of a fine meal were cleared away. 

“That, my good friend is a very mysterious curio indeed. I purchased it when the old museum down in Natal was closed.” The small display box was brought down from the shelf that housed so many weird and wonderful magical things. 

The display box was clearly old but what lay inside was indeed ancient. The container held what appeared to be a small animal claw with a beautiful gem clasped to its wrist area. Also in the box was a small packet of tarot cards. 

“The claw is of the same sort that a Scottish highlander would wear upon his kilt, this one however belonged to an old witch that emigrated to our coastline in the late 1800’s – we know her as Anna McHenry. 

The old crone made a living by divining the fortunes of sailors that arrived in the local harbour each week. Some say her spirit lives still in the claw…………” 

The cards were removed from the box and one was selected by the inquisitive guest. It was then mixed back into the pack. The pack was then replaced in the glass box on the opposite side to the claw. The lid was sealed. 

“We will cover the box to allow the crone to do her work!” 

When the cloth is lifted, the selected card has somehow been extracted from the pack and now sits face-up under the claw…….!