About Us

Curious Pieces provide a collection of magic apparatus and carefully scripted stories for the bizarre magic and storytelling performer. If you’re primarily a collector (with stage fright) then this place for you too. The stuff we sell here isn’t cheap but its pretty unique and you can do some really amazing things with it. All props that are “one of a kind” are marked as such and when they go, they are gone forever.¬†

The props we make are limited edition. Often, only one exists in the world. Most of our props are built using real antiques or vintage parts. They are meant to look old and used (or abused). Some props incorporate high-end digital mentalism devices sourced from all over the world.

We don’t sell anything that isn’t in stock and ready to ship straight away.



We aren’t geared up for mass production and to be honest it often takes us years to gather enough pieces to assemble a single effect. That’s how you know the one you’re getting is unique and won’t have been seen by your audience before.


What about marketed effects

Apparatus/Books produced by other creators