Mesmer’s Folly

Mesmer’s Folly


An experiment in hypnosis leaves a spectator baffled – were they manipulated into ripping up a book whilst in some sort of trance, induced by the performers electric hypnodisk? Really great vintage looking prop that can be used to perform many different effects. Box of cards not included (in photo for scale only). All other props in photos are included.

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The performer explains the development of the “science” of hypnosis. He shows a copy of “The illustrated history of hypnotism”, delving briefly into the background of one of hypnotherapy’s greatest advocates, Franz Mesmer.

A test subject is asked to choose page from the 450 page tome by slipping a bookmark randomly into the book. A word on the page is written down as well as the page number. The book is closed.

The performer asks the individual to stare into the electric hypnodisk, repeating the word and page number in their minds. After inducing a relaxed state, the performer asks the test subject to imagine picking up the book again and ripping out the page, rolling it up and putting it in the upper compartment of the wooden base.Whilst doing this, the performer shows the rest of the audience that the upper compartment is empty. The book is kept in plain sight for the duration of the session.

The subject is brought out of the state of relaxation. After confirming the page number and word on the written note they are mystified to find that the page in the book is actually missing. It has been ripped out.

The performer asks the spectator to open the upper drawer of the wooden base. Rolled up is the missing page, matching the torn segment in the book which can be thoroughly examined.


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