This wooden cabinet holds plenty of secrets.  There is a magnetic secret panel with blackboard behind the cherub painting on the back of the cabinet. This can be used to reveal a prediction plus the main drawer is really a flap box and allows for a second prediction reveal. The lower part of the front can be used to store a third prediction.

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The performer uncovers a beautiful royal blue and gold wooden cabinet that has been resting on the table. He draws attention to a gold cherub holding a large crystal ball. The performer explains that using secrets of high magic he is able to divine the thoughts and desires of any person who is willing and openminded.

As a test the performer shows the spectator 3 tarot cards. The lovers, the magician and the tower. He asks the spectator to name any one of the three. Mysteriously he reveals a message, scribbled on the back of a painting of the cherub on the cabinet, correctly predicting the chosen card.

Now the performer hands the spectator an ornate clipboard with some parchment and a pen. They are instructed to write a secret word or question on a piece of paper. The paper is then folded by the spectator and burnt in a copper bowl, in front of the cherub cabinet. The performed never sees the paper or goes anywhere near the clipboard.

The spectator is asked to focus on the secret. The performer gazes into the crystal ball and correctly reveals the answer to the question/secret word.

This cabinet has many secrets and incorporates one of the most powerful mentalism tools on the market. Magicians can learn more about the workings by visiting this password protected page. The clue “the father of bizarre magic – lower case first name and surname without spaces

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