The Convulsor

The Convulsor


Use it if you dare. Can you use your mental abilities to:

  1. Cause a lightbulb to glow without any electrical input
  2. Get the small psychic bell indicator to ring
  3. Somehow reveal a preselected card just by thinking about it.

No…maybe you can with the help of Convulsor. Use it if you dare…


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Rumour has it that in some mental institutions in the early 1900’s, patients were used by scientists to conduct experiments. The application of electricity to the brain to cure a variety of psychological maladies is well known but many people do not know about the secret ESP experiments. Special devices were created which would “help” humans to uncover their psychic abilities.

The Convulsor was one such device. That is the device before you now.

The performer now asks for a volunteer to help with the experiment (this takes some coaxing…and a few drinks).

Three phases of the experiment take place. The spectator grasps the electrodes and the following ensues:

  1. With concentration and help from the performer they are able to cause the lightbulb to glow ever so slightly
  2. The small psychic bell indicator is caused to ring
  3. A pre-selected card, in a pack, inside the wooden chest is correctly identified by the spectator

The experiment is a success, although the spectator is left with a slight speech impediment…(not really).

Note that this can also be used with Chris Philpott’s brilliant 100th Monkey as well (not included).


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